Affordable web design

Our web designs fit in with your budget, and help target your audience. The best thing about our designs are that we can edit the site for you, or we can set it up so that you can add or change the content of your site whenever you like. The choice is yours.

Cheap website design

“Cheap” does not necessarily have to be synonymous with “nasty”.  Affordable website design can be achieved with us.

Here at Designs on your Business, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality website design that fits in with even the tightest budget. That does not mean that we skimp on quality. We use a content management system to design your site to your specifications, and you do not pay a thing until you are satisfied with the design. In fact, if you find that you do not like any designs we create for you, you pay nothing.
Most companies will charge an upfront fee, and then when you have paid that fee and a site has been designed, they hit you with a monthly Hosting fee which in some cases is quite large.

Flat monthly Fee

We charge a monthly fee (Starting at $59.95 per month for a 5 page standard site) so you do not have to pay the upfront costs associated with other companies.

This monthly fee includes the use of the design, the hosting and something (and we think it is the most important thing) called Search engine optimisation. One of the first questions you should ask yourself before paying for a site is “how will our clients find us”? If you are using your site as a glorified brochure, then there is no problem with this. Otherwise you need optimisation of your site starting from the ground up.
With the standard monthly fee, you also get a standard optimisation package. In most cases, this is enough to get you into the first or second page of Google for some relatively competitive search terms for your affordable web design. This includes using the right keywords (words people search when looking for your industry in Google, Yahoo etc) which we will research for you. We then design your website and its content around what the search engines prefer when ranking your site in their search results.
The second part of this is off site optimisation which is carried out without touching the content of your site. After this is carried out (and it may take some time), you will see your site rise in the search engines.
So whether you know nothing about computers, or quite a lot, we can tailor a website for you and your company.