Hotel website design

Before deciding where to stay when visiting another town of city, most people would like to know where they are staying. In saying that, photos of the hotel are invaluable in showing what the customer will be expecting, and it will give you the edge against your competitors without websites. Even if your competition has one of the best hotels in town, without a website, you will attract more customers with a simple but elegant hotel web design.

Optimisation for your town/suburb

Along with our design and hosting, we will optimise your website so that when potential customers are searching on Google or Yahoo, they can find you easily. When searching for “accommodation ‘your town’ “, we will help the search engines find your site, and increase your ranking in the search engines themselves.

You will find that you will have to pay less to sits like stayz and other accommodation sites with the right optimisation. With our quality package, you will find your hotel rising slowly in the search engine ranks.

Affordable web design

Here at designs on your business, we pride ourselves on designing quality hotel websites that can be both affordable and pleasing to the eye. From only $59.95 per month for our standard package, you pay no upfront fees and nothing until you are happy with the site.

We will design the web site to your specifications and personalise it to your hotel so that each page is an informative addition to your accommodation.