What good is your website if you cannot be found?

Internet marketing, or Search Engine Optmisation (SEO) is the art of optimising a website so that it is seen by more people when searching for a particular thing.

For example, when optimising for holiday accommodation, you need to put yourself into the mindset of those that are searching.

Some may search for “Sorrento accommodation”, some may search for “Sorrento Beach accommodation” and others may just search for “Mornington Peninsula accommodation”

We would try to target all those keywords in our optimisation campaign, and would agree with you, the client, which keyword would be most beneficial for your budget.

So for example, “Sorrento accommodation”, at the time of writing this, was garnering 3,600 searches per month. (in September). In December – January, it would get over 5,400 searches for that exact phrase. To market successfully for this keyword would be extremely competitive and would be a far more drawn out process than “Sorrento apartments” (for example 210 searches per month, but nothing to sneeze at – 7 per day is more than enough to fill the apartment. )

We would then work out what is best for your budget and supply a monthly cost to raise your visibility in Google for that keyword.

From there, we would work with you to get you to the first page (first page maps or organic search) of Google. There will be times we will ask you to do things that will help us get there(that we cannot do), but we do most of the work.


That’s right, we only charge you once you have stabilised (for more than 2 weeks) on the first page of Google.

We could show you results, as other websites do, but we prefer not to go shouting all our clients around the internet. All we need to do is tell you our guarantee is that we will not charge you until you are where we say you will be.

Most other companies, have a “Google first page guarantee” which is not worth the site it is written on. they take your money up front and then hope you do not notice that they are not doing anything.

If we fail to do as promised, we do not get paid. You cannot get simpler than that.

We are so confident that we will get you there, that we do not want you to pay a cent until we deliver what you were promised.

Call us on 1300 669 575 to discuss this. or if you are unhappy with your current internet marketing SEO provider.