Professional logo design

Incorporating a logo into your website is an essential component of any website, especially those offering a unique service or product. Don’t skimp on this part of your website with a generic logo design. Add flair and flash to your logo with a design from Designs on your Business. Designs on your Business is an Australian company built to serve for anyone seeking professionally performed and affordable logo designs.

Designs on your Business will offer several unique services that other logo design firms won’t offer you.

Our staff will work with you all through the process

When ordering from other design firms, you will usually be communicating, if you even get the chance to communicate, with a host of different sales staff people. We do it differently here at Designs on your business. We put you in communication with one of our knowledgeable staff members, and that 1 person will be your go between when ordering and getting your logo design orders. You can always expect a staff member to be there to help you or to contact you as soon as possible when you need it, or request a change in your order,

One of the advantages to being able to connect with our logo design staff personally is that you will always know what your logo looks like and how the logo design is coming along. They will be in contact with all of the designers working on your designs and keep you informed as they are progressing.

We, at Designs on your Business, strive to give you only the best graphic logo design we can that will fit to your website.

Reasons for choosing us:

  • We give you a choice of over 3 individual designs
  • We design our logos based around your business to make your logo shine against the rest of your competitors.
  • Ease of contact. You can call us, email us or use our contact form.
  • No obligation. You have no obligation until the design is complete and you are fully satisfied. Until then, no money is paid.
  • Only $399 fixed fee, or $33.25 over 12 months.

Interested in a custom made logo design? Contact us for more details to learn more about what Designs on your business can do for you.